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    The Reluctant Messenger

    God (A Modern Perspective)

    The Threeness Of God The Hindu's have for centuries referred to the Universe as being a dream God was having. This fits well with the Tao teaching of the "Oneness" of everything. The Kabbalah oral traditions teach us that the Universe is an "emanation" from God. Islam, Sihkism and Christianity teach of the all powerful God that knows all and is everywhere at once. In this modern age, we now have another perspective never before possible. Lets look at God from a scientific approach. Let's use a successful technique called modeling.

    In science, when we create models, we do so for the purpose of taking a complex subject and we reduce it to a simpler set of concepts so we can more easily understand it. The following is by no means a complete representation of God/Allah/Brahma but a model or metaphore as a way to create a perspective for further discussions.

    To further define the model we need assumptions and parameters. The first are a series of assumptions about God based on common religious concepts. The following characteristics are assigned to God such as:

  • Omnipotence - The ability to have infinite, unlimited control.

  • Omniscience - The ability to have complete knowledge.

  • Omnipresent - The ability to be present in all places at once.

    God is represented in many religions to have many more characteristics and attributes. However for our "model", we will limit our discussion to just these 3 main characteristics or attributes.

    Now to further create a point of reference I need you to follow a series of logical yet hypothetical concepts. Humor me. And lets conjecture, that given infinite memory and infinite processing power, it would be possible to design and program a super computer to be self aware.

    Not only is this super computer self aware, it is so powerful, it is capable of running a complete model of a universe much like ours. And since it has unlimited processing power and memory, it is also able to sustain multiple "self aware" beings within the universe it is running.

    These self aware beings would interact with their senses to the data presented to them. From their perspective all sensations and experiences would be their view of "reality."

    If there was in some way a discussion between the beings in the virtual reality universe and the Self Aware Super Computer (SASC) it could possibly go like this.

    Beings: Who are you?
    SASC: Your maker and sustainer.

    Beings: What are your powers?
    SASC: I am allmighty for I have unlimited control and power.
    SASC is running the program that operates the universe. By making "programming changes on the fly" the super computer has complete control of its internal universe.

    Beings: What all do you know?
    SASC: I know everything
    SASC has all the data about the universe in its memory. Of course it knows and can monitor any detail or process within the universe.

    Beings: Where are you?
    SASC: I am everywhere at once.
    Where could you go in this computer run universe where the super computer wouldn't in effect "be there?"

    This is just a model, but it describes how we relate to God much like a program relates to the modern computer. A modern computer can run many programs all at once, and the various programs can interact. If you view God as the Super Computer running the Universe and your a part of the Universe, then you might could see how in you are connected to everything and have access to resources much like a program running on a Super Computer could have. The computer can make incredible processing power or data available to any program that knew how to access it. When you learn to access God's infinite resources you are, for all practical purposes, God! Or you could call it, you are a segment of God, or as the Hindu's teach, a drop of the infinite Ocean of God. Or as Christianity phrases it, a son or daughter of God. You can frame it a lot of different ways, the Super Computer model is just a modern way of viewing your relationship to God and to the Universe God is sustaining.

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