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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger


    Balance I remember I was talking to the Master about how in science everything is represented in mathematics as two formulas separated by an equals sign. I was talking about how both sides had to equal and how the most familiar equation described the universe as simply a balance of energy and matter. In fact they are both the same, it just appeared to be different. In effect all matter was just frozen energy. Then I started to talk about matter and anti-matter.

    e=mc2 The Master stopped and said out loud. "They are both the same. They are both the same! Of course. Follow me. You deserve a gold coin."

    I hurried along and said, "Wait, I thought you already knew about the Wisdom of Balance. You were explaining it to me yesterday about how all mysteries can be solved by seeing the balance of opposites. I'm just telling you how science discovered the same thing and that everything in the universe can be described as a balance of forces."

    The Master slowed down but kept going back down the path to the cottage. "Every Master learns much from his student. I told you I had much to learn from you. I've known for years my destiny is to fully realize my God Consciousness. I even understood the Dance of Shiva yet I never really realized what The Wisdom of Balance meant until just now when I heard you say the words 'they are both the same'."

    The Master went into the room full of paintings and found the bag of gold. He looked several minutes through the bag until he found an old gold coin. Master handed it to Chester. "Tell me what you see on the two sides."

    Chester flipped it back and forth and finally said, "Well, this side looks like the Hindu God Shiva and the other side is sanscrit for creation. Ok? " Chester shrugged and looked back at the Master.

    "When my Master gave me this coin, I had finished explaining to him the Dance of Shiva. I was quite proud. He gave me this coin but told me I didn't understand it. He said when I understood what the coin meant I would pass it on to my successor."

    Chester just shrugged again. "Shiva created everything. So? Shiva is on one side and creation is on the other."

    The Master said, "They are the same. Two sides of the same coin. Creation is not separate from God. Creation and God are the same thing. The difference between you and Christ, is that although Christ was born he never forgot he was God. You have forgotten, I had forgotten I was God. I just now understood that the reason I can say I am God is because God and Creation are opposites of the same thing. The created balanced by the uncreated. The ultimate balance! Thank you Chester. Your right its all the same. This coin is yours." The Master started laughing and said, "Sanjiv will see to your needs for dinner. I have much to contemplate."

    Chester hefted the coin in his hand and said to the departing Master, "So do I."

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