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God wished 
to behold God,
so God
created the 
we call
existence. The oral tradition of Kabbalah states that the reason for existence is that God wished to behold God.

(This is also similiar to the Hindu theology of the (Dance of Shiva)

God can be visualized symbolically as follows. AIN SOF OHR, (also spelled EIN SOF OHR) the Endless Light which surrounds the void, emanated spheres or realms of light (effulgent and infinite bright). This, Kav or expansion of Divine Will, manifested in ten distinct stages of Emanation. The world was called into being by ten Divine Utterances.

Scientist have now defined our Universe as 10 dimensional with 4 space-time dimensions and 6 dimensions curled away infinitley small. This is known as the 10 dimension solution in the super-string theory.

These ten stages are known in the Kabbalah as the Sefirot. Sefirot express Divine Attributes, which from the primal moment of Emanation are lawfully held in a set of relationships until God wills them to vanish back into the Void of nothingness again.

(This is almost identical to the the Hindu concept of the out cycle of the expansion God's glory and in cycle of withdrawing God's Glory, each expansion and contraction lasting Eons and Eons.)

Also, EIN SOF is the part of God, Budhhist call Nirvana. Buddhist don't recognize the personal God because their meditative practice is to help them achieve union with Nirvana just as Buddha did (also called in Buddhist theology, the Void or Bliss).

AIN SOF is a Kabbalistic term meaning "Without End." In Kabbalah, Hashem (God) the Transcendent, is called AIN. AIN means in Hebrew "No Thing", for Hashem is beyond existence. AIN is neither below nor above; nor is it in movement or stillness. There is nowhere AIN is. Hashem is Absolute Nothing. AIN SOF is the title of God who is everywhere. AIN SOF is the One to the Zero of AIN. This is the totality of what is and is not. AIN SOF is God the Immanent, the Absolute ALL. AIN SOF has no Attributes, because attributes can only be manifest within finite (limited, bounded) existence realms and AIN SOF is (Infinite, Unbounded, Limitless) and Transcendant.

From this endless unfathomable EIN SOF GODSOURCE emanates 10 realms of existence, each less glorious than the former, until we get to the last realm, which is the realm our universe is in. At this level God manifests personality and is knowable with attributes. Another way to say it is, The Serifot are ten creative energy realms that intervene between the infinite, unknowable God ("Ein Sof") and our created finite world.

I have a research page on the Reluctant Messenger that might help if you want to explore the Kabbalah further, it is at: Kabbalah. Also, Click here for a Kabbalah Diagram.

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