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One True Religion Part 4

The Sutras of The Seven Wisdoms

Be prepared to receive the understanding of the ages that brings one to knowledge of the true self.

The knowledge of the seven begins with the three that begat the four that begat the infinite all.

To understand the true nature of thyself is to know the three absolutes of thy true nature.

The first of the three is awareness. The second of the three is eternity. the third is the infinite unbounded. These three are your true nature. Meditate on these three and achieving the knowing. The knowing is the knowledge of thyself.

The first meditation is to understand that thy true nature is awareness. Thy thoughts and feelings cloud true awareness. By stilling the thoughts and detaching from feelings one can achieve true awareness.

The second meditation is to understand Eternity and that it too is your true nature. Eternity is now. The never beginning and the never ending is always now. To truly become one with your true self one must be in the now.

The third meditation is to understand infinity. Your true nature is boundless and without limits. The infinite self is the truth. The individual limited self is the falsehood to overcome.

These are the three from which all else springs from. Reality is the changing, moving pattern of this universe projected upon the eternal canvas of the now. These three begat the four.

The four are oneness, balance, faith and holiness. Each of these are the sacred paths of the created. Awareness, Eternity and Infinity are the sacred paths of the uncreate.

Oneness is how thy overcome the illusion of the false. Oneness with The Infinite Eternal Awareness. This is the fourth meditation.

Balance is the fifth meditation. The Balanced path is also the nature of all of reality. The Balance of Opposites is the true nature of the created realm.

The path of faith allows one to walk the path of holiness. These make up the sixth and seventh meditations. Faith comes from knowing thy true self and Holiness is how one captures the essense of thy true nature.

You have received the sevenfold wisdom of understanding.

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