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You: A Definition


I removed the sky 
and you were there.
I removed the mountains
and you were there.
I removed the world 
and you were there.
I removed all the stars 
and you were there.

I found you 
and I found me.
For I must be if 
I know you are there.

I now know what you are.
You are the awareness 
behind the world.

I am a reflection 
of your awareness.
First lets look at what you are not. You are not your body or your mind or your thoughts or your feelings. These are your servants.

You will have a new body someday. Every 7 years all of the atoms of your body get completely replaced. You will be reincarnated or in a resurrection and get a new body that way. If you can get a new body, then a body is like clothes you wear and later discard.

If you are not a body or feelings or thoughts, what are you? You are that which has not body, mind, feelings or thoughts but only awareness.

You are part of creation but you play a very special role. You play the part of manifesting realities out of the infinite unmanifest possibilities.

If God created everything and nothing exists that God did not create, that leaves only the uncreated as the eternal essense of all reality and potential reality.

This also brings us to the incomprehensible. That which has had no beginnings. At one point all that existed was God in pure undimensional bliss. Pure Awareness.

The only resource God had for creation was God. Thus God gave of itself and expanded its glory into the vast unmanifest. Infinite possibilities, Infinite Realities yet only one point of Awareness.

In order for God to explore the vast realm of possibilities, God desired multiple viewpoints. God created millions and billions of reflections of his pure awareness and placed them into the world of Karma.

These are God Sparkles or Sparkles of God. As these sparkles of awareness became entangled in the world of matter, they forgot their divine origin and became attached to the world of sensation.

God Sparkles create reality when they are alive by being joined to a body. When they are separate from the body they float in a dream of their own making. Remembering and reliving their dominate karmic focus since the last incarnation. Those that had a focus of hate create a dream reality of hate and misery. Those that had a focus of love create a dream reality of love and peace.

You are a creator. In this world of matter you help create a shared reality. All decisions and actions you make, help shape the shared reality of this world. The outside world is a reflection of what is inside you, me and every other soul on the planet.

Your source is Divine. You are Divine and you can return to the Divine. But first you must shed that which is not Divine.

Hate, Greed and Lust are not Divine. Love, Truth and Charity are Divine.

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