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The Gospel of Buddha


  • Preface:
    by Paul Carus

  • Chapter 01:
  • Chapter 02:
    Samsara and Nirvana
  • Chapter 03:
    Truth the Saviour

    Prince Siddhattha becomes Buddha
  • Chapter 04:
    The Bodhisatta's Birth
  • Chapter 05:
    The Ties of Life
  • Chapter 06:
    The Three Woes
  • Chapter 07:
    The Bodhisatta's Renunciation
  • Chapter 08:
    King Bimbisara
  • Chapter 09:
    The Bodhisatta's Search
  • Chapter 10:
    Uruvela, the Place of Mortification
  • Chapter 11:
    Mara, the Evil One
  • Chapter 12:
  • Chapter 13:
    The First Converts
  • Chapter 14:
    Brahma's Request

    The Foundation of the Kingdom of Righteousness
  • Chapter 15:
  • Chapter 16:
    The Sermon at Benares
  • Chapter 17:
    The Sangha
  • Chapter 18:
    Yasa, the Youth of Benares
  • Chapter 19:
  • Chapter 20:
    The Sermon at Rajagaha
  • Chapter 21:
    The King's Gift
  • Chapter 22:
    Sariputta and Moggallana
  • Chapter 23:
  • Chapter 24:
    The Sermon on Charity
  • Chapter 25:
  • Chapter 26:
    The Three Characteristics and the Uncreate
  • Chapter 27:
    The Buddha's Father
  • Chapter 28:
  • Chapter 29:

    Consolidation of the Buddha's religion
  • Chapter 30:
    Jivaka, the Physician
  • Chapter 31:
    The Buddha's Parents Attain Nirvana
  • Chapter 32:
    Women Admitted to the Sangha
  • Chapter 33:
    The Bhikkhus' Conduct Toward Women
  • Chapter 34:
  • Chapter 35:
    The Uposatha and Patimokkha
  • Chapter 36:
    The Schism
  • Chapter 37:
    The Re-establishment of Concord
  • Chapter 38:
    The Bhikkhus Rebuked
  • Chapter 39:
  • Chapter 40:
    Name and Form
  • Chapter 41:
    The Goal
  • Chapter 42:
    Miracles Forbidden
  • Chapter 43:
    The Vanity of Worldliness
  • Chapter 44:
    Secrecy and Publicity
  • Chapter 45:
    The Annihilation of Suffering
  • Chapter 46:
    Avoiding the Ten Evils
  • Chapter 47:
    The Preacher's Mission

    The Teacher
  • Chapter 48:
    The Dhammapada
  • Chapter 49:
    The Two Brahmans
  • Chapter 50:
    Guard the Six Quarters
  • Chapter 51:
    Simha's Question Concerning Annihilation
  • Chapter 52:
    All Existence is Spiritual
  • Chapter 53:
    Identity and Non-Identity
  • Chapter 54:
    The Buddha Omnipresent
  • Chapter 55:
    One Essence, One Law, One Aim
  • Chapter 56:
    The Lesson Given to Rahula
  • Chapter 57:
    The Sermon on Abuse
  • Chapter 58:
    The Buddha Replies to the Deva
  • Chapter 59:
    Words of Instruction
  • Chapter 60:
  • Chapter 61:
    The Teacher Unknown

    Parables and Stories
  • Chapter 62:
  • Chapter 63:
    The Widow's Two Mites and the Parable of the Three Merchants
  • Chapter 64:
    The Man Born Blind
  • Chapter 65:
    The Lost Son
  • Chapter 66:
    The Giddy Fish
  • Chapter 67:
    The Cruel Crane Outwitted
  • Chapter 68:
    Four Kinds of Merit
  • Chapter 69:
    The Light of the World
  • Chapter 70:
    Luxurious Living
  • Chapter 71:
    The Communication of Bliss
  • Chapter 72:
    The Listless Fool
  • Chapter 73:
    Rescue in the Desert
  • Chapter 74:
    The Sower
  • Chapter 75:
    The Outcast
  • Chapter 76:
    The Woman at the Well
  • Chapter 77:
    The Peacemaker
  • Chapter 78:
    The Hungry Dog
  • Chapter 79:
    The Despot
  • Chapter 80:
  • Chapter 81:
    The Marriage-Feast in Jambunada
  • Chapter 82:
    A Party in Search of a Thief
  • Chapter 83:
    In the Realm of Yamaraja
  • Chapter 84:
    The Mustard Seed
  • Chapter 85:
    Following the Master Over the Stream
  • Chapter 86:
    The Sick Bhikkhu
  • Chapter 87:
    The Patient Elephant

    The Last Days
  • Chapter 88:
    The Conditions of Welfare
  • Chapter 89:
    Sariputta's Faith
  • Chapter 90:
  • Chapter 91:
    The Mirror of Truth
  • Chapter 92:
  • Chapter 93:
    The Buddha's Farewell Address
  • Chapter 94:
    The Buddha Announces His Death
  • Chapter 95:
    Chunda, the Smith
  • Chapter 96:
  • Chapter 97:
    The Buddha's Final Entering into Nirvana

  • Chapter 98:
    The Three Personalities of the Buddha
  • Chapter 99:
    The Purpose of Being
  • Chapter 100:
    The Praise of All the Buddhas

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    The Gospel of Buddha

    Sariputta and Moggallana

    At that time Sariputta and Maggallana,
    two Brahmans and chiefs of the followers of Sanyjaya,
    led a religious life.
    They had promised each other:
    "He who first attains Nirvana shall tell the other one." [1]

    Sariputta seeing the venerable Assaji begging for alms,
    modestly keeping his eyes to the ground degnified to deportment, exclaimed:
    "Truly this samana has entered the right path;
    I will ask him in whose name he has retired from the world
    and what doctrine he professes."

    Being addressed by Sariputta, Assaji replied:
    "I am a follower of the Buddha, the Blessed One,
    but being a novice I can tell you the substance only of the doctrine."

    Said Sariputta:
    "Tell me, venerable monk, it is the substance I want."
    And Assaji recited the stanza: [3]

      "The Buddha did cause unfold
      Of all the things that spring from causes.
      And further the great sage had told
      How finally all passion pauses."

    Having heard this stanza, Sariputta obtained the pure and spotless eye of truth and said:
    "Now I see clearly, whatsoever is subject to origination is also subject to cessation.
    If this be the doctrine I have reached the state to enter Nirvana
    which heretofore has remained hidden from me."

    Sariputta went to Moggallana and told him, and both said:
    "We will go to the Blessed One, that he, the Blessed One, may by our teacher." [6]

    When the Buddha saw Sariputta and Moggallana coming from afar, he said to his disciples,
    "These two monks are highly auspicious." [7]

    When the two friends had taken refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha,
    the Holy One said to his other disciples:
    "Sariputta, life the first-born son of a world-ruling monarch,
    is well able to assist the king as his chief follower
    to set the wheel of the law rolling."

    And the people were annoyed.
    Seeing that many distinguished young men of the kingdom of Magadha
    led a religious life under the direction of the Blessed One,
    they became angry and murmured:
    "Gotama Sakyamuni induces fathers to leave their wives
    and causes families to become extinct."

    When they saw the bhikkhus, they reviled them, saying:
    "The great Sakyamuni has come to Rajagaha subduing the minds of men.
    Who will be the next to be led astray by him?" [10]

    The bhikkhus told it to the Blessed One, and the Blessed One said:
    "This murmuring, O bhikkhus, will not last long.
    It will last seven days.
    If they revile you, O bhikkhus,
    answer them with these words:

    "'It is by preaching the truth that Tathagatas lead men.
    Who will murmur at the wise? Who will blame the virtuous?
    Who will condemn self-control, righteousness, and kindness?'"

    And the Blessed One proclaimed this verse:

    The Gospel of Buddha
    The Gospel of Buddha
    Compiled from ancient records by Paul Carus, 1894

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