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    The Reluctant Messenger


    Chester slumped against the wall after he hung up the phone. He felt like a fool. The mathematician had an unworkable theory. This supposedly brilliant mathematician had shown him that if future history information was imbedded in The Torah, using interval patterns, then the same phenomenon was statistically certain to show up in other writings. The only explanation for the phenomenon was to show that it is a natural occurring statistical event in any large body text. This mathematician was certain that if they looked for significant imbedded information in other works of text, including hebrew text, english writings and documents in 10 other languages, that they would easily find them.

    Chester was weak on the math but was able to write a good searching program to look for imbedded names of heads of states, famous people, religious men, etc... but none were found like in the Torah.

    After about six weeks in India, Chester had had about all he could stand. He had to take a break. The program was written, all that was left was feeding text into the databases. He decided to just leave that up to the assistants.

    The night before he was to fly back to the United States, after packing everything, Chester went out and got drunk. Chester didn't drink often, but when he did he liked to 'tear a big one' as he like to call it! He had to take a bus ride to get back to where he had been staying, but he never made it back. He barely remembers getting on the bus. He was so drunk he passed out right after sitting down. He isn't sure what happened, but he woke up very late that night with the bus broke down on the side of the road. He was the only one on the bus. Not only was no one around but he had never seen this part of India before. There were no city lights just a slight glow toward where the bus was pointing. It was quite dark and he was worried.

    An hour went by and no one drove by or walked by. Chester had to get back so he wouldn't miss his plane. Another one wouldn't be flying out for 2 days. He had no idea where he was, but he knew he was hung over, hungry, thirsty, angry and scared. He decided to walk down the road toward where the bus had been heading. He mumbled to himself, "Who was it that said. 'I'm always amazed at some of the places I end up at after I've been drunk', Oh yeah that was me! When will I ever learn?" Chester continued to chew himself out as he trudged drunkenly down the dark Indian road.

    Continue with The Story part 3.

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  • God repairs the Earth
  • Tree of Good and Evil
  • Why the Flood of Noah
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