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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The 5 Wisdoms of Science

    The Master waved his hands in exasperation. Chester looked up from the blackboard with his face in a classic puzzled response. The Master tried to explain, "You don't have to spend all your time trying to prove your conclusions to me. If I don't accept your conclusions I will ask questions. Otherwise just give me the conclusions." The Master smiled and gestured for Chester to continue. He paced back and forth as he played with a gold coin. He seemed to make it appear and disappear from one hand to the other.

    Chester said, "Your slight of hand doesn't impress me. I have a couple of card tricks I can show you. Ok, you want conclusions and skip the reasoning process? Let me lay this on you. Quantum Reality is composed of Infinity! Its called the many worlds solution, but it describes our physical universe perfectly by allowing an infinite number of parallel universes to be part of the solution set."

    The Master grinned and said, "I agree completely. An ancient Hindu Master told us that Brahma contained the infinities and all possibilities in his heart. One of the Seven Wisdoms is that the Infinite nature of God makess all things possible. I am not going to give you a gold coin for what my Master taught me many years ago. Please I'm waiting for new truth."

    Chester was shocked at how quickly the Master agreed with one of the most profound discoveries of Quantum Science. "Ok, it gets more weird than that. Unless you observe something, it isn't real, it is only a potential set of probabilities that are not resolved unless observed. Aha, that should blow you away!"

    The Master laughed! "My Master taught me long ago that what I call reality is just my awareness choosing one of the infinite paths that lay before me. He taught me that all life sprang from the Absolute Awareness and discovers its place in the Infinite. That sounds much like your Quantum Reality. I want you to tell me something I don't know."

    Chester pointed out, "All of the material physical universe is a balance of forces. Positive and negative energy in balance in an infinite array of forms and patterns. In fact, all of reality is a zero sum game."

    The Master nodded and said. "The Wisdom of Balance. You know much already. Please..." His voice trailed off as he played with the gold coin and watched Chester think.

    Undaunted Chester quickly shot back. "At the subatomic layer all reality is non-local."

    The Master paused and asked, "What do you mean by non-local?"

    Chester smiled and said, "At the most basic level of reality there is no separateness. Everything is connected to everything else. I barely believe it myself."

    The Master pushed his index fingers together and pressed them to his lips. His eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "Oneness. You describe Oneness. You are sharing with me some of the Seven Wisdoms. But I understand the non-separateness of this world for nothing is separate from God."

    Chester licked his lips. This was harder than he thought. He watched the Master play with the ancient gold coin. "Ok, time is an illusion. It is relative to the motion of the observer! Aha, I got ya there!"

    The Master held out his hands and said, "Science is wise. You have shared with me 5 Wisdoms. I am impressed you know these. You lack but 2 wisdoms to be a Master. Your time is an illusion is most perceptive of your knowing. For time is the opposite of Eternity. Eternity is one of the Absolute Aspects of God. All that there is and always will be, is the Eternal Ever Changing Now. All the past is, is the memory of the pattern before and all the future is, is anticipation of the pattern to come. There is no time there is just now." The Master pushed the coin into his pocket. "We talk again later. It is time for lunch."

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