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    Mystic Doctrines

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    My Mystic Experience

    I've debated with myself whether I would ever tell anybody what happened those few hours after the strange man in India told me God was reaching through clocks to prove he existed. I must have snapped. I remember walking off the porch and screaming at him to leave me alone. I'm not sure if I was talking to God or the Master. The last two days had just been too weird and I snapped.

    I found myself on a clean well kept path that wandered through an oriental garden. I felt so angry and I couldn't find any outlet for it. I stomped down this path until it came to a dead end. There was a pond, flowers, shrubs and an expanse of sweet smelling emerald green grass. I was mad and exhausted from the strain. I sat down stiffly and looked up into the sky and screamed, "I hate God!" while shaking my fist vigorously.

    I started crying and bawling like a baby. As I cried I closed my eyes and was transported back to the very first time I remember ever saying the words, 'I hate God.' I was eight years old and I had just discovered my pet duck was dead. I cried for days. My mom tried to console me and told me that even though we don't understand why, everything happens for a purpose. She held me and told me my duck was with God. I wiggled off her lap and screamed, "I hate God! I hate him!" I ran into my room and locked my door. I decided from that incident that there was no God, because God wouldn't let my duck be taken away from me. As I sat I remembered the incident in such vivid detail that I almost felt if I was back there as a boy all over again. Finally my temper tantrum was over, so I decided to just sit and collect my thoughts.

    What happened next is the part that is difficult to share. An eerie calm settled over me. I was very aware of all of the sounds around me. The only way to describe it is that I felt very centered and a sense of knowing filled me. An intense clarity of mind and feeling swept through my being. Abrubtly my point of view changed. I could see my self as if I was floating 10 feet above my head. I no longer felt as if I was in a body but felt as if I was the air, the ground, the trees, the garden, the birds. Then it was like I remembered something I had forgotten. In an instant I knew everything. I don't know any other way to describe it. I felt an intense joy so profound I was overwhelmed and I started giggling and laughing. I laid back on the grass and giggled and snickered.

    My perspective changed again and the sky became a projection screen and I started watching my life. Every significant event I had ever experienced was played out before me, only I had the perspective I was guiding and shaping my life for a purpose. What I'm about to say is going to sound crazy. As I watched my life I realized that I was God. I wasn't all of God, yet I knew I was a slice of God. It felt as stupid to not believe God existed as it did to believe I didn't exist. For a brief moment I knew everything and was everybody and everything. I don't know how long I laid in the grass watching and knowing and feeling my Godness. What happened next felt like a mental rubber band snapping back. One second I was God and all of creation and the next I was Chester laying on the grass with tears streaming out of his eyes. It was such a profound impossible moment. For a brief time, 20 to 40 minutes, I was God and I knew why I existed and what my destiny was. When it was gone it was like trying to remember something very important but for some reason I couldn't remember what it was. I decided to accept whatever was happening to me and I got up walked back to the cottage where the Master was. I knew he could help me make sense of what had just happened.

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