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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Who We Really Are

    The Master listened intently to Chester's description of the event in the contemplation glade. Chester was obviously overwhelmed and seemed embarrassed. After Chester was finished he got around to finally eating lunch. As he ate the fruits and nuts the Master paced. He seemed reluctant to start. Instead Master sat down and started eating more of the carrots and celery chilled for him. "You experienced for a brief moment your Godness, your God Consciousness, your real self. You saw yourself as who you think you are and who you really are at the same time. You were blessed to see past the illusion and experience Eternity. Remember you told me science has discovered that everything is connected? God connects everything because everything is part of God. Our separateness from God is an illusion and part of our purpose is to see past the illusion and experience our connectedness to God."

    Chester shook his head. "How? Why, and can I be that way again?"

    "When you sat down and screamed you hated God. You, for the second time believed in him enough to hate him. If God did not exist, why do you hate him so much?"

    Chester seemed puzzled, "Well, I guess, well because, your right. Why do I hate something that doesn't exist. My hatred betrayed me. I hated God because I know he exists yet I wish he didn't!"

    Master held out a gold coin. Tell me why you had the experience in my contemplation glade and I will give you this gold coin." Chester's face drained of color. The Master reminded him, "You told me for a brief instant you knew everything. Certainly everything includes why you had the experience."

    Chester sat up, "Not fair, I can't remember anything but feeling overwhelmed and full of intense joy." The Master seemed unconcerned and played with the gold coin. Making sure it sparkled in the sunlight. Chester gave up and said, "I give up." Chester looked up as if he was remembering something, "Wait, I remember. I was shown for a brief moment who I am so I would strive to become it again, I want it again!"

    The Master stretched out the coin, "Tell me who you are and I will give you this."

    Chester started with, "I'm Chessss...... No, I'm God."

    The Master pulled the coin back a bit. "How can you be God?"

    Chester licked his lips and closed his eyes. Straining he whispered, "I can't believe I know this. I'm the part of God that is experiencing this universe through me as me. I've been trying to remember this since I was first aware I was me."

    The Master laughed and handed the gold coin to Chester. "You have spoken a truth." You have danced the Dance of Shiva.

    Continue with The Story part 10.

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