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    GOD Talking to You Part VI

    Editors Note: This was originally posted in 2009 and is left as is except for this clarification

    Prophecy Overview 2010 to 2110

    At this point in history you need an overview and a plan of action for the future. This message is for you. By now, you know where this message is coming from and why we speak in the plural.

    There is a seven thousand year plan to restore truth and wisdom to the world. The first six thousand year part of the plan is coming to an end soon and there will be specific markers that will alert the forewarned where they are in the overall Plan of God as it unveils itself.

    To make it a little complicated, the order of the markers isn't important, its when all three have been reached, regardless of the order, that the end is near. So in no particular order here are the three historical events to look for in the next century.

    1. The planet reaches a population of 9 billion

    2. The Artic Ocean is ice free in the summer

    3. Worldwide Government composed of 10 corporate / trade zones is established

    Until all three of these milestones have been reached, civilization as you know it will continue. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell you when these three will happen. The population of the planet working together, or not at all, determines how fast or slow the planet achieves these milestones. Once all three milestones are reached the end is near. Until then the following can be expected. A new form of normal will develop as the world adapts to severe weather patterns where one part of the world is experiencing historical floods and another part is experiencing extreme drought. Hurricanes and Blizzards will over the following decades continue to get bigger and more powerful as the planet has large sloshes of energy to redistribute. In fact, droughts, flood and other natural disasters will actually slow the population growth. Until the planet has 9 billion people, there will be enough arable land and living space to accommodate everyone. The tipping point is 9 billion. At that point the system crashes and billions die in the attempt to re-establish homeostasis planet wide.

    Also when the planet reaches 9 billion, mankind's effect on the planet will be exponentially more pronounced. At some point the stresses on political alliances will be shattered as world war breaks out over dwindling resources. Unfortunately, this war will not bring about homeostasis but extermination of 90% of all species and unless stopped, that will include all humans as well.

    The milestone that will be indisputable will be when the artic ocean is ice free during the late summer. Ironically, what will precede it will convince large portions of the planet to disbelieve in global warming. Around the time theArctic Ocean becomes ice free, Europe and Russia will experience a miniature ice age similar to what occurred in the 1700s. It will also affect North America , especially Canada . It won't last but a few years, two decades at the most, but it will be long enough to convince most, global warming was a hoax or conspiracy. Scientist will know what happened but they won't be successful in convincing enough people that the brutally cold winters are a result of the ice melt from Greenland shutting down the salt water transfer of heat from the equator. The river of fresh water coming off Greenland into the North Atlantic will stop or severely curtail the annual transfer of hot water from the equator to the northern latitudes. Once that important heat transfer stops functioning the Northern Hemisphere will experience a series of brutal winters with record amounts of snow and record low temperatures locking up enormous amounts of water leading to torrential floods in the spring. And while the Northern Hemisphere experiences cold and long winters the southern hemisphere will experience droughts so severe entire portions of the Australian Continent will be uninhabitable that formerly were. Same will occur in Southern Africa and portions of South America . Cyclones and Typhoons in warm southern waters will be especially strong as it will be one of the few ways to distribute the heat accumulating in the southern hemisphere.

    When Greenland has lost over 50% of its ice, then the salinity in the North Atlantic will slowly rise until the heat transfer current can be reestablished. By that point, the miniature ice age will be over and the planet will slip into runaway global warming. Portions of the world will become giant swamps or deserts depending on the rainfall patterns. All of this has occurred before but this will be the first time a worldwide civilization will be impacted.

    At some point during all of this, some global calamity (probably worldwide depression as the economic system collapses) will cause the World to want to establish some form of worldwide government to fight the problems of terrorism, rising sea levels, economic collapse and runaway population. By this time the world's economy will be so interdependent that a new form of Government that is a blend of governments and corporations will emerge. Ten Trade Zones will be established, patterned after North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. A global economic agreement that will encompass trade, global warming, human rights and a world Court System to enforce it. Some of the policies put in place will address global population growth and will be successful in slowing population growth. Its possible the system could be put in place in time to prevent the planet from experiencing an overpopulation explosion until well into the next century but those scenarios are all on the low end of the probability spectrum. The fat end of the Bell curve is right over the year 2050. That means, the end of civilization as you know it has a 50% chance of being over by then. However, if the world gets its act together and makes it to the year 2070 then there is actually only a 5% chance civilization has a catastrophic transition to a new higher level of consciousness. In that case, the transition from a completive system to a cooperative system will emerge from the collective energies necessary to prevent a world wide war over dwindling resources.

    By giving the information out in this way, any recipient who doubts the accuracy of these prophecies can simply follow world events for the next century and watch events unfold as predicted and then the doubts will be erased.

    However there are some other events you need to be forewarned about. Especially, between the years 2030 and 2070 are some key political and religious events that have a high probability of occurring. Middle East Peace and a Islamic Civil War. The most likely scenario is that a moderate block of Muslim Countries will agree to a Middle East Peace Agreement that includes a Palestinian State and a recognition of the State of Israel. Not all of the Muslim world will agree to the treaty and this will set up conditions that will eventually result in a Islamic Civil war. The boundary of the conflict will not be simply a set of countries vs another set of countries. The conflict will have strong religious boundaries that will ignore political boundaries. The coming Muslim civil war will appear at first as isolated traditional civil wars within political boundaries. But it will spread to basically appear to the outside world as a war between Sunni and Shia factions but it will be even more convoluted than that as it breaks down even further into moderates Shia and Sunni vs. radical Sunni and Shia. The coming Muslim Civil war will determine whether moderate, peace loving Muslims control their respective countries or radical extremist do. If the extremist win, it will eventually lead to nuclear war with Israel and India . If the Moderates win the civil war then history will record a different and more likely outcome. There is actually a 70% chance the world will not experience an all out nuclear war as long as the governments that currently own them never fall to terrorist forces or extremist who want to see an end to Israel and her allies. What is actually more probable is the development of non-nuclear weapons that are designed to produce incredible amounts of electromagnetic energy in a single pulse destroying all non-shielded electronic equipment. As the world becomes more dependent on its electronics for commerce and communication, it becomes more vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse bombs as weapons of terrorism. With the development and proliferation of weapons that destroy electronic infrastructure and the development of drone delivery systems, the very weapons designed to fight terrorism will someday be used by terrorist.

    This leads to the part about being forewarned. This will be the first time we have revealed what has been clouded by millennia of misunderstanding, mistranslation and out right redaction. In order to survive the anarchy and chaos created by the destruction of a digital society is to be able to survive as if it wasn't ever there. In other words, you will survive by loving your neighbor and your neighbors loving you. Another way to look at it; It will be too late to buy solar panels when the electrical grid collapses. In the future you will be tempted to blame the government for your problems. Regardless of what country you live in, someday the problems will be beyond what any beaurocracy or government can solve. The problems will be so global only local solutions will work when the global infrastructure collapses. Long before then you will need to have a plan for local food, local water and long term private electrical generation.

    One important factor leading up to the collapse of modern civilization is the smoke and mirrors aspect of a global credit based economy. It wasn't to long ago that the world's economies were actually based on gold and silver. Now, the world currencies are promissory notes that the current system will continue forever. But as the world becomes more dependent on electronic wire transfers that are essentially only electronic recordings that used to be handled by a literal transfer of paper money. Which by the way, was a replacement or a certificate of deposit for real gold or silver in a vault somewhere. There will come a time when all commerce will essentially be electronic. When that occurs, global control of the population will be possible.

    In the case of a worldwide, coordinated, EMP attack of all of the world's electronic banking and investment centers, would be the equivalent of making all of the world's gold and silver disappear in all the banks in all the world at the same time back in the 1800s. Overnight paper money and hard currency would literally be all that was left of the former world economic system. By that time all former paper currencies would have been replaced by a global electronic equivalent, like an ultimate Master-Visa-American Express Debit / Credit card.

    So here is the prophetic overview of the next century in summary so you can plan accordingly.

    Between the years 2030 and 2070, the planet will reach a critical mass where the effects of global warming, pollution and over population will create a collapse of the world's economic and government structures. The forces leading up to collapse will be a gradual evolution of change in how the world experiences warfare. Up until now wars began and ended as country vs. country. In the future, there will come a time when there are seldom any wars where one country has a war with just another country. However, that will not mean the end of warfare but a new form of warfare that never ends. A type of ideological asymmetrical warfare will become the norm. As terrorism becomes a problem in more and more countries, the solution will be more and more cooperation between countries. This will help lead to the world wide government. As control over travel and commerce gets so effective that conventional terrorism becomes impossible, a new more effective and subtle form of terrorism will evolve. Once the worldwide government essentially makes conventional terrorism impossible, the only war left to fight will be against the world wide government. Essentially, the forces of evil will have to find a way to instigate a world wide civil war against the world wide government. Since the whole point of the world wide government was to insure a peaceful way to insure trade and commerce between the countries, the only way to topple it is to topple what it controls. At that point in the future all money will be electronic. Once that is gone, the underpinnings of world commerce and world cooperation is gone. Combine that with the displacement of hundreds of millions of people by floods or drought and the only option left will appear to be war.

    At this critical juncture the Messiah will arrive and establish 1,000 years of peace and prosperity. Regardless of whether you live to see the events come to pass, your best and only option is to work everyday to strengthen your relationship with GOD. As your unity with the divine becomes more substantial, your future becomes more secure regardless of what happens to the World at large.

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