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    Reluctant Messenger

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    The Reluctant Messenger

    Tower of Babel

    The Beginning of 
Religions The Master walked with Chester in the contemplation garden. Chester looked puzzled.

    Chester thought outloud as they walked. "So your saying the reason there are so many religions is because God split the original religion?"

    The Master replied, "God split the languages. This also had the effect of fracturing common wisdom and understanding. Since everyone believed the same thing they had no plural form of The Understanding. The idea of religion came later as a result of the day of confusion at the Tower of Babel."

    "Why did God split languages, understanding and wisdom into different religions and viewpoints? Chester asked.

    The Master paused and watched a hummingbird feed from one of the many flowers that lined the path of the contemplation garden. "Back then mankind understood the Wisdom of Awareness. They knew they were awareness within the world"

    Chester laughed. "Are you going to share the mystery with me?"

    The hummingbird flew away and the Master continued his daily stroll. "They also understood the wisdom of infinity. They understood that manifesting miracles was as easy as picking reality from the infinite potential called the unmanifest."

    Chester hid is amazement at the stuff the guy claimed. "Sounds like positive thinking to me or is there more to it?"

    The Master smiled as he walked and said, "The Eternal realized that mankind was taking the power of awareness and of infinity and was learning how to merge them."

    "What do you mean merge them?" Chester inquired.

    The Master said, "Wasn't it you who told me that the reality of this universe depended on an infinite number of universes. Quantum Reality you called it. Your Science discovered the very nature of reality, infinity. Infinity is the essense of all of reality. But it takes awareness to manifest one of the possibilities that exist in an infinite number of possibilities."

    Chester had a look of understanding as it slowly manifested itself into his mind. "You told me that Infinity is one of the Absolute aspects of God. So of course his creation would be made manifest through the unlimited possibilities that infinity provides God. I used the infinities inherit in the mathematics of quantum reality to prove that a universe supporting evolution was an absolute certainty. Are you saying that the nature of infinity was understood by mystics thousands of years ago?

    Back then all of mankind were Mystics or Magicians for they understood that the merging of awareness and the merging of infinities meant using their mind to pick the possibilities that they wanted to manifest. Every mind on this planet sits astride an infinity that only it controls. Yet when minds think alike their power is merged. As mankind learned how to magnify creativity and intelligence through the merging of multiple minds, God foresaw mankind capable of harnessing the power of the sun. Millions of minds all focused on the same purpose and goal. Godlike Infinity power was within reach of all of mankind. But mankind would easily be deceived by Satan as he had deceived one third of the Angels. He foresaw mankind quickly learning how to harness power so potent that we would destroy ourselves. The Eternal foresaw the result and moved to change the future. He knew that the power of the sun would be harnessed by man as weapons of terrible destruction."

    "Nuclear Power." Chester motioned for the Master to continue.

    "The Eternal had a plan for mankind that would thwart Satan and would span 7,000 years. The Eternal saw the need to slow down the progress of man so Satan couldn't influence us to destroy ourselves completely. God needed time to allow for all prophecies and all promises to be fulfilled. Lucifer was renamed Satan after the war of rebellion. Satan now wants to seduce mankind into destroy themselves and the planet before the Messiah arrives."

    "And so God just decided to change the language of everyone?" Chester was still uncomfortable talking about God. But he couldn't resist a debate. "How was that going to help?"

    "Each family walked away from the Tower of Babel speaking a variation or dialect of one of seven languages each broken into seven dialects. So many languages and viewpoints slowed mankind's progress. This also split The Understanding into seven distinct wisdoms. All religions have parts of the Seven Wisdoms but they lack The Understanding of the whole." The Master got excited as he talked. Gesturing with his hands he continued with his walk and his lecture. "Chester, you understand the religion of Science. Science has always been a religion, yet its purpose has been hidden from mankind. It was hidden behind the false arrogance that science could prove God did not exist. Instead it fulfilled its purpose when science proved the existence of God."

    "Don't remind me." Chester felt a flush of shame because he still felt foolish everytime he thought of the Torah Codes, and how they proved God existed.

    Chester challenged the Master. "That doesn't explain why we have all of these religions, many of todays religions started thousands of years after the Tower of Babel, if I remember from my ancient myths class!"

    The Master's voice was level as he replied, "As precious truths and wisdoms were lost, God sent advanced souls to reinsert into the planetary consciousness gems of wisdom and knowledge. A good example is the Buddha."

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