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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Man on a Donkey

    As he rounded the first corner he saw someone ahead of him with a flashlight. The light bobbed in a way that made it look like they were coming closer. A young indian man flowed out of the darkness. He held a tether connected to a donkey in his right hand and the flashlight was in his left hand. When the young man saw Chester he reached into his shirt pocket for something, He spoke broken English but seemed delighted he had found him. He was able to figure out the young man's name was Sanjiv. Sanjiv unfolded a sketch of Chester. Chester gulped as looked at the drawing in the young man's hand. There was Chester's face drawn on a sheet of paper like sketches he had seen done at the circus for 15 bucks. Chester was confused and drunk but realized the impossibleness of a sketching of his face showing up at this deserted road in the middle of India. However, the young man did act as if he was looking for him. But who had drawn the picture and why? He was in no condition to walk much further and it somehow felt right to be in this ridiculous situation. This young stranger seemed very relieved to have found him and Chester was still pretty drunk so he accepted the offer for a ride. Chester was very tired and still queasy. He fell asleep almost as soon as he sat on the donkey.

    Chester meets the Master

    The Master heard the sound of an animal plodding along nearer and nearer so he went out onto the porch of his cottage. His porch light cast his shadow onto the grass and the path beyond. Around the bend of the path was his donkey being led by Sanjiv. Sitting on his donkey was a very tired looking American man holding a flashlight. He looked scared and angry. In fact, the sight before the Master was identical to his sketching, except in his sketching the man on the donkey was holding a candle.

    The Master told Sanjiv to put up the donkey and to leave him and their visitor alone. Chester was a little confused and protested he had to catch a plane. The Master smiled and said, "Soon enough for planes. But first I have much to learn from you. Come, come, please come in. I have been expecting you for a long time."

    Chester realized that he had to sober up and find transportation, so he might as well sleep it off here. He stumbled up the steps of this gentleman's porch and walked into a parlour. It was a comfortable room that was obviously used for painting and and other arts. Chester's eyes were drawn to a charcoal drawing of a man on a donkey. He felt a tremor of fear as the realization swept over him that it was a drawing of him. Chester pointed at the painted and stammered, "Wh.. what,, whee.. where?"

    The Master smiled as he watched Chester's reaction to his drawing. "You will see and learn many more wonders soon. But first you need sleep."

    Sanjiv walked into the parlour. The Master nodded at Sanjiv. Sanjiv moved over to Chester and said, "Please mister I show you bed."

    Chester took one last look at the drawing and shuddered as he turned to follow Sanjiv. He walked down a short hall into a small room with a cot and a table and a few pillows. He fell asleep with a groan on the small cot.

    Continue with The Story part 4.

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