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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Next Day

    The next morning Chester was in a sour mood while he ate the breakfast of fruit Sanjiv served him. They were in an alcove off from the main kitchen. Chester grumped, "Where am I and where is the weird guy who drew those pictures of me?"

    Sanjiv bobbed and smiled, "Oh you mean Master. He is in the contemplation garden for his morning meditation."

    Chester smirked. "What is he, some Zen meditation nut? Or is one of those Swamis always begging for money?" Chester loved to jump to judgements about religious people.

    Sanjiv seemed to glow when talking about the Master. "Oh no, Master have plenty of money and he knows very much about everything. You see, you see." Sanjiv cocked his head. "Master come now."

    Shortly the Master strolled into the room looking serene and pleased. "Ah, my friend on my donkey. I am so glad you are here. I have been waiting for you for so long. Did you enjoy your breakfast?" The Master nodded to Sanjiv and Sanjiv bowed and left. "He is a very good boy but a little slow. Now before I answer your questions I must show you something."

    Chester spluttered, "Now wait a minute, where am I and when can I leave? I know I missed my plane but I need to leave soon."

    The Master said, "Let me show you what I have to show you and then if you still want to leave then I will have Sanjiv take you back to the city."

    Chester shrugs and follows him down the hall to a large room, "Suit yourself. Thanks for sending your boy after me and all, but I need to go. First I have a score to settle with a bus driver for leaving me on the side of the road then I have to get my bags and a plane to catch so I can get out of this. . ." His chatter fades away as he looks in wonder at the paintings and drawings all over the walls. Everyone single one of them is of Chester going all the way back to when he was a child. There is one when he was a boy with his pet duck. There is another with his 7th grade science project. There had to be over two dozen paintings covering every main event in his life. Chester whirled and blurted, "This is impossible! Something fishy is going on! I'm afraid I have to leave."

    The Master called out in a loud voice. "Sanjiv, get the donkey, you are taking our friend to the city."

    Chester looked overwhelmed. "No wait!" Chester looked around and nearly fell into a nearby chair. With his face in his hands Chester groaned, "What is happening to me?!"

    Continue with The Story part 5.

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