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    The Reluctant Messenger

    The Deal

    The Master knelt next to Chester and said, "From my viewpoint this is happening to me. For I have been waiting for today for a long time. I have so much to learn from you. I am ready to hire you to teach me. For without what you can teach me I am incomplete in my understanding."

    Chester looked up with tears running down his face. Try as he could they just streamed down his cheeks. He felt a strong sense of familiarity and was scared by it. "What could you possibly learn from an atheist like me. I stand for everthing you should hate. All I can teach is science. I understand evolution and the big bang and quantum reality. I can prove that evolution is the process that life uses to constantly improve itself. Why would you want to disprove your belief in God or Kristna or whatever you call it?" Chester glared at the Master.

    The Master stood up and walked over a table in the center of the room. He opened a bag laying on it and took out a gold coin. He walked over to Chester and handed it to him. "For every truth you teach me I will give you a gold coin like this. But for every truth I teach you, you will give me 100 American dollars. Deal?"

    Chester hefted the coin in his hand and estimated it was at least an ounce. Even if this religious nut could teach Chester as much as he knew he could teach him, he would only be buying gold coins worth $300 for $100. Chester also knew these were very old coins and worth way more than their weight. Chester grinned and tried not to look to eager, "Now I don't have to pay when you tell me something I already know."

    The Master replied, "Nor do I have to give you a gold coin when you tell me somethin I already know."

    Chester felt triumphant and held out his hand. "Deal! Plus I get and extra gold coin when I figure out how you did the the picture painting scam!"

    The Master mirrored Chester's grin and shook his hand. "So you can stay for awhile?"

    Chester shrugged and replied, "The people I was working with think I've flown to the United States and my people in the U.S. were not expecting me. I'm probably going to lose all the stuff in my bag but it was just clothes and stuff, yeah, I can stay awhile."

    The Master said, "Then keep that gold coin to pay for losing your things." Chester started to protest but the Master held up his hand and said, "I insist."

    NOTE: In the beginning, Chester did not call the Master, Master. However, since he has asked that his name remain secret, the term Master is used to refer to him.

    Continue with The Story part 6.

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